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But i am happy to say that i got raid of that File for easy instruction on how to remove that file i left my Email on the Link for more WHAT THE HELL SHOULD I DO WITH THIS DAM THING!?!? I'm Win7-64, I know what a command prompt is but have not used one in years. I'm not 100% sure what all these different programs do; however, Bonjour.msi installs this mDNSResponder.exe crap. this contact form

I think Adobe is using it to phone home. I've had this **** deleted on every system I own for years and everything functions BETTER without it clogging the stack with completely unnecessary ‘transactions'. Result: WORKED (no need to disable/enable any more)! Typical Apple real plug and play Neal belongs to apple rendezvous if not installed by yourself your camera, printer, scanner or other peripherals might have come with it ...

Before we begin the journey of removing this annoying software, we ought to make sure you're not running these selected programs:Any Apple Software, iChat, iTunes, iPhone Sync and many moreAdobe Creative hth. Geckoandfly is more than a tech blog, our goal is to create simple tutorials for the average user, it is where we review products and more. The link is adobe's page telling you how to (simply) remove it!

May 21, 2011 peter O Yes anothet potentially helpful analysis. You can stop it from here anytime. Thank you for the advice!!! If you find that file, you should be able to disable just as TheGeek.

More Reading: About Austin Krause Austin Krause is a groovyPost founding senior editor based in Tampa Bay, FL. Today it so randomly ate up 100% of CPU power, i had to kill it in safe mode. it sickens me that all these companies load up your computer with resource-hogging garbage. http://www.file.net/process/mdnsresponder.exe.html Rated at 4 due to non-disclosure of networked component, and apparent lack of need.

Register Now Microsoft PartnerSilver Application Development file.net Deutsch Home Files Software News Contact What is mDNSResponder.exe? Bonjour is commonly installed by third-party software to provide zero-configuration networking capabilities to various applications. Most printer manufacturers including Epson, HP, Brother use this technology to enable adding and/or removing printers from network without configuration changes. Freddie It will clog up domains with NBNS requests.

It wrecked my Entire WinXP installation! If I need a software patch due to frequent crashes, I’ll visit the official website!Recommended for you: Delete and Remove Windows Update Files to Increase Hard Disk Space 3 Free Software Useless if you have no Macs on your network. Were you expecting more steps?

Bonjour, also known as zero-configuration networking, enables automatic discovery of computers, devices, and services on IP networks. Used for local network only. Privacy Under Attack: Why It Is Not A Good Idea To Rely On O... First, it should be noted that you can disable Bonjour without necessarily removing it—just head into the Services panel, double-click on the service, and change the Startup type to Disabled.

Chris Installed by Adobe Photoshop CS3 (30 day trial) jjlash Used to communicate with Apple Bonjour networks. Doing it the "proper way" removes the registry entries as well. All rights reserved. They are AppleApplicationSupport.msi, AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi, AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi, Bonjour.msi, iTunes.msi, MobileMe.msi, QuickTime.msi, and SetupAdmin.msi.

In the properties window General tab, Set Startup type to Disabled.  Click OK to save changes and finish.  You can now restart your computer and mDNSResponder.exe will not be running. Check the first link below to compare the ID String to make certain it was installed by Adobe. Apple has alot to answer for with this little "addon" samuraigecko I got mine after installing the demo of DreamweaverCS3.

aside from the many apps that installs mDNSResponder.exe, photoshop CS3 (i dont know about other versions) installs that mDNSResponder.exe along with it.

Do you have additional information? Billy Johnson mdnsresponder.exe is a process associated with "Bonjour for Windows" software. So what is it, and how do we get rid of it? Ninjaaaaah 5k Apple file installed with cs3 You can delete this service this way: http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=kb400982&sliceId=2 Serious Sam Service was creating .tmp files that SAV Corp continuously reports as a trojan William

The software is called easy share from Kodak. Just in case you have no relation to the aforementioned applications, there is no harm removing the applicationJust in case you have issues removing the mDNSResponder.exe, feel free to drop us DanB This version installs with Adobe Creative Suite 3 and components (Photoshop CS3). It tries to "phone home" to a certain company to tell them that this and that application has been installed on the computer.

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Go check your email! Follow my LINK to learn more or download an uninstaller here:http://download.gizmoproject.com/jasmine/TurnOffBonjour.exe See also: Link Christian Installed with different apps, Adobe Macromedia, ITunes, Quicktime, Gizmo, etc, and is part of Apples's Bonjour See also: Link BiQ part of the flatster software. An example would be "svchost.exe" - which doesn't appear in either under normal conditions but does via CTRL+ALT+DEL.

Bonjour does not do this. magic This file is considered safe and is not virus or spyware related. News Featured Latest New Proteus Malware Can Mine for Crypto-Currency, Log Keystrokes, and More Holding Shift + F10 During Windows 10 Updates Opens Root CLI, Bypasses BitLocker A Quarter of the The easiest way to deal with it (if you installed iTunes) is to go to [PC:\Program Files] and shift-delete the Bonjour folder.