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Optionally it can also take more options like keeping statistics or triggering shell scripts on specific events. mcelog does not start on newer AMD systems anymore AMD stopped supporting mcelog. Also over a long uptime the total number of corrected errors may also be quite high. For example t to enable the --no-syslog option use no-syslog = yes (or no to disable). Check This Out

With the −−cpumhz=mhz option assume the CPU has mhz frequency for decoding the time of the event using the CPU time stamp counter. While EDAC supports basic memory error counting and some logging, it does not implement any of the advanced features in mcelog which need user space support. Privacy - Terms of Service - Questions or Comments NOTES The kernel prefers old messages over new.

Mcelog Linux

On what systems does DMI DIMM decoding work? This likely indicates some problem. The general format is optionname = value White space is not allowed in value currently, except at the end where it is dropped Comments start with #. Default is /etc/mcelog/mcelog.conf See also CONFIG FILE below.

Most errors can be corrected by the CPU by internal error correction mechanisms. mcelog output looks like Hardware event. mcelog Advanced hardware error handling for x86 Linux For users: Overview Download Installation Configuration Triggers FAQ Manpage Glossary Contact Background: Memory errors Bad page offlining Cache errors IO errors Thermal events How To Use Mcelog mcelog is on a rolling release through the git tree.

Customizing the Personalization Rules Find lane lines PrimitiveParser What is the purpose of putting 「のは」 at the end of a sentence? Does mcelog log all errors? With the --no-syslog option mcelog will never log anything to the syslog. mcelog(8) - Linux man page Name mcelog - Decode kernel machine check log on x86 machines Synopsis mcelog [options] [device] mcelog [options] --daemon mcelog [options] --client mcelog [options] --ascii mcelog --version

If you want to use it please contact AMD. Clear Mcelog Note that specifying an incorrect CPU can lead to incorrect decoding output. In addition mcelog can be used on the command line to decode the kernel output for a fatal machine check panic in text format using the --ascii option. I get "machine check events logged"?

Mcelog Centos

I get a "only decoding architectural errors" message. http://www.mcelog.org/badpageofflining.html I get a "only decoding architectural errors" message. Mcelog Linux They can change between boots. Mcelog Example The basic model is quite different from mcelog and fully kernel based.

pls help me to decode the mcelog errors: As i forwarded this case to HP , But as per hp its is firware issue ….What you have to say? Node : BL280c-G6 1)plcg298: MCE 0 plcg298: HARDWARE ERROR. I inject errors, but nothing happens In many systems where EDAC is running it may intercept all errors before mcelog can see them. However in common workloads the majority of memory can be soft-offlined. Mcelog Redhat

Why did Pondo Baba and Doctor Evazan in the cantina dislike Luke so much? This gives the fastest reaction time and is the recommended operating mode. mcelog ships with a daemon capable mcelog, but the init script is disabled by default. this contact form It won't be able to decode model specific errors, but it will log them all in a raw (hex) format.

Handling these reports takes some time and may drown error thresholds for other purposes. How To Run Mcelog To get reporting per page (to enable bad page offlining ) you need to load the APEI ghes module and enable APEI memory error reporting in the BIOS: modprobe ghes APEI With the −−client option mcelog will query a running daemon for accumulated errors.

Reply Link david July 21, 2009, 7:22 amThere are some other tools for other CPUs as well: Wikipedia Reply Link hi group October 23, 2014, 12:36 ami can update tools linux

Automatic core offlining can be configured using the options in the [cache] section of /etc/mcelog.conf. Can you release mcelog? Unlike an uncorrected (hard) error -- that is data corruption -- soft errors do not directly require software reaction. Mcelog Empty http://www.intel.com/sdm Datasheet of your CPU.

By default the config file is read from /etc/mcelog/mcelog.conf unless overridden with the --config-file option. I get "machine check events logged"? On SUSE systems I see "mcelog: SMTP server problem" messages This comes from a buggy patch that SUSE is applying to their version of mcelog. Movie about a man who becomes a genius because of a brain tumor?