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Do they change them regularly? There’s no need to waste money on this category. I would like it to be able to handle at least 2 1080 p streams. Why would you not accept a free great person? http://divxpl.net/media-server/media-server-sr-service-exe.html

Lastly, run device config wizard to re-add the robot and tape drives and check STU config. FreeNAS (Score:2) by sasquatch989 ( 2663479 ) writes: I use it for all my files, media or otherwise. Re: (Score:3) by nabsltd ( 1313397 ) writes: Even from Blu-Ray, HD content is at most 50Mbps. NBU catalogs are stored on the master server only. check that

I back it up to a drive on a my desktop. My brother and a friend of his use XBMC with zero issues (even their wives, who aren't terribly computer literate, have no problems using it), and they've not run into any If transcode the best idea is use graprhics card and support ARM procesors with MALI .. If you need discrete graphics, go for the cheapest card that fits your case.

You could just as easily keep your video on the MPC box. The processor is perfectly capable for basic NAS duty and direct play, but it does struggle/choke with high bitrate transcodes (think 5GB+ 1080p encodes w/5.1 audio or raw BluRay rips). For music and photo I have an Apple TV, I love its GUI and easy integration in our Mac/IOS based home. It makes so my wife and kids can watch what they want without having to know how to use anything but that simple Roku remote.

So, steps need to be adjusted based on which robot the media server and NDMP host will attach to. In the past you couldnt get gigabit speeds but USB 3.0 fixed that. This is just the first page where he gives an overview. Ask Slashdot: Suggestions For a Simple Media Server?

If you’re just starting out with Plex and want to experiment, feel free to install the server on your primary PC. Note that the PS4 and XBoxOne don't support DLNA even though their previous editions did. A friend donated an XP Media Center PC that's a few years old, so I tried 2 or 3 different Linux media players, and all failed. Re: (Score:2) by michrech ( 468134 ) writes: I wouldn't suggest ps3mediaserver for one reason -- the various .nzb sites I use are filled with comments of ps3mediaserver users having one

The only time it didn't "just work" was a Rasberry-Pi. https://ask.slashdot.org/story/14/01/15/0339258/ask-slashdot-suggestions-for-a-simple-media-server I prefer younity, giving me instant access to my home media server from all my iOS devices without any complicated setup. One piece of advice that applies to all of the above sections, however: no matter where your media is stored, make sure that you segregate media type into separate folders. pretty brain dead simple (Score:3) by HockeyPuck ( 141947 ) writes: on Wednesday January 15, 2014 @11:26AM (#45966045) To me I wanted a solution that "just worked" for everyone in the

You could even repurpose an older Mac as long as it’s running OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or higher. check over here I also have a couple other VM's that run on the server. Nickname: Password: Public Terminal Forgot your password? What is this aircraft with elaborate folding wings?

My solution does not work right out of the box, but it does work with only an hour or two of setup if you know your way around google (looking for Share twitter facebook linkedin RPi with XBMC (Score:2) by Enry ( 630 ) writes: I have a server in the basement with all the media files (DVDs and BluRays that I Once I made sure that I had naming structure for movies/tv episodes correct I found plex found and downloaded plot summarys/posters/background music well. http://divxpl.net/media-server/media-server-error-ps3.html Check out Good Gear Guide's broadband speed test -- PCWorld2011 -- Default Mobile Style Contact Us PC World Forums Archive Web Hosting Privacy Statement Top All times are GMT +12.

i7 6700K, 16Gb DDR4RAM, 512GB M.2 SSD, Gigabyte GTX980 11-11-2013,12:40 PM #2 fred_fish View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Senior Member Join Date Sep 2009 Posts 1,800 Re: Media I might just do as you said for safety (I opened the port only for testing puroses, I thought it would work on iPhone and it doesn't (movies don't play)).That being I know that the Windows equivalent of grep is findstr, but I don't know how it can be used to select more than one line op output (Policy name and Storage

I couldn't be happier with it, the only thing i plan to do in the future is add more HDD's.

More Login Ask Slashdot: Suggestions For a Simple Media Server? My setup (Score:3) by ihtoit ( 3393327 ) writes: on Wednesday January 15, 2014 @06:39AM (#45963537) Backend: commodity Pentium 4 2.6GHz PC (that I was given) with 2TB RAID & laptop MP4, on the other hand, works nicely. Share twitter facebook linkedin Re:I keep it simple. (Score:5, Interesting) by rikkards ( 98006 ) writes: on Wednesday January 15, 2014 @06:07AM (#45963395) Journal even better is XBMC on pi uses

Some of the items on the guide are not specifically mentioned for the noobs that are just starting out. Credentials are saved on the master server. The living room TV has a Tivo attached to it, along with the game consoles so I don't have a Roku there. weblink I'm not so sure the direct link capability only works in the UMS host PC.

The biggest difference is that parity is not generated on the fly, but rather it is generated as a snapshot which needs to be updated regularly. Now I'm trying Plex which seems pretty good, got it working to my tablets and PC's and streamed a movie to two tablets and a PC simultaneously. Tanous, Thanks so much for the informative article. The Plex community maintains a Google Doc listing all known compatible NAS models.

if your router is capable (ie using DD-WRT or Tomato firmware) why don't you use a VPN or reverse proxy config to secure all network access from the outside? (it will Google Calendar RSS Latest News Latest Videos Leaked Kaby Lake Sample Found and Overclocked You have MSI at your back if you buy their Aegis Ti gaming machine Serious Sam VR, I've got over a hundred movies ripped and thousands of mp3s and a few dozen tv shows. I haven't determined exactly what the cases are for when it wor Re: (Score:2) by ch0rlt0n ( 1515291 ) writes: worth mentioning that it also shares >14000 tracks of music plus

Prices may make 8GB the better deal, and if you plan to use your server for anything other than Plex you should likely make the jump to more RAM. And again, it looks like configuring the thing could consume half of my life.