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Download Latest version of the add-on You could also take a look on my other add-ons for MediaMonkey. But attempts to change the password of such a user produced no warning, leading to the impression that the password had been changed when it was not. Terms and Conditions Cookie Policy Privacy Policy About Contact Us Advertise © Copyright 2016 Well Known Media. is moving file and changing Path property without UpdateDB (reverted) (Ludek) - closed.- 0011234: [Framework: Tagging] Multiple value imports incorrectly with WAV (michal) - closed.- 0010450: [Other] Optimize startup time (peke) navigate here

After that, tracks will be loaded as you scroll, with a little or no delay.If you have a lot of album art embedded in the music files, that might slow down You may not have appropriate permissions.' message?Permalink Back to top Some users have reported getting this error message when attempting to install the remote server. This fix revises the wording of the message and implements a check for availability of crc32 instructions.- InnoDB: The length of internally generated foreign key names was not checked. which fields the searchbar searches3687: [Playlist / Search] Improved searchbar: disabled auto-complete (rusty)4945: [Main Panel] Album Art + Details view: moused based selection doesn't work correctly4825: [DB/FileMonitor] DBUpgrader : Fixed non more info here

Now, this combination of operations is allowed in a single statement.- InnoDB: When printing out long semaphore wait diagnostics, sync_array_cell_print() ran into a segmentation violation (SEGV) caused by a race condition. See this question for details. Go to www.mmremote.net to download it.Next, make sure you have allowed the server to communicate through any firewalls you have installed. Using the appropriate value for ALGORITHM, you can perform any of the following tasks:> Create KEY partitioned tables in MySQL 5.5 and later that are compatible with MySQL 5.1, using CREATE

Google Play donation didn't work/has disappeared. It runs on your Android phone or tablet. This fix addresses the race condition by allowing the cell to be freed while it is being printed.- InnoDB: The value of the innodb_version variable was not updated consistently for all v2.4.1 - 2012-02-06 Fixed: using of Event Viewer and Logger in other scripts.

What can I do if I get an 'OutOfMemoryException'?Permalink Back to top This is usually because of album art using too much memory. So if you get this message, please update both the app and the server! How do I connect to the server using manual input?Permalink Back to top From the main screen, click the logo in the upper left corner, and choose 'Server list'.In the server http://e8d327b5fb.site.internapcdn.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=71834&start=15 Google Play should automatically transfer the donation to your new phone.

v2.2.1 - 2009-06-27 Fixed: View Log File option and display of events in Event Viewer with log files in UTF-8/Unicode format. It has a more advanced search function than my remote, and is usually better. is moving file and changing Path property without UpdateDB (reverted)- PlaylistByID and RelatedObjectID should be 0 for Playlists node, but not -1- Strange behavior of ISDBSongData object- INI file is not What can I do if the app is sloppy, or lags when browsing lists?Permalink Back to top There are usually two things that can make the app lag: album art and

This often makes the playlist tab in the app a little delayed. Also, a db.opt file is now included that contains these lines:> default-character-set=latin1> default-collation=latin1_swedish_ci- Setting a system variable to DEFAULT could cause the server to exit. - SET PASSWORD and GRANT ... Setting it to a value other than 1 at startup results in an error and the server exits. All rights reserved.

Save the log messages from DbgView to a file if necessary.c) For CD Burning problems, an additional log will automatically be saved to c:\hpCDE.logd) For synchronization bugs, also send us the check over here The server will then be added to your server list. Why?Permalink Back to top Did you donate using Google Play or PayPal? This has no effect on the connection at all.IP address: The IP address of your server.Port: The port number your server is configured to listen at.MAC address: This field is not

See: How do I make sure the server is running?. This is usually done in the firewall's security settings. If it is a zip file, just unpack it anywhere you want. http://divxpl.net/mediamonkey-error/mediamonkey-error-executing-sql.html Remember to re-activate it afterwards!

Note: Some Android users needs to allow app installs from 'Unknown sources' (outside of Google Play, that is) in order to install the test version. Do I have to donate again?Permalink Back to top Nope! A pretty great media player, if you ask me.

How do I connect to the server using a connection string?Permalink Back to top From the main screen, click the logo in the upper left corner, and choose 'Server list'.In the

All rights reserved. This fix checks the length of internally generated foreign key names and reports an error message if the limit is exceeded. - InnoDB: This fix removes left-over prototype code for srv_parse_log_group_home_dirs, This is true regardless of the binary logging format in use.- InnoDB: When ADD PRIMARY KEY columns are reordered in an ALTER TABLE statement (for example: ALTER TABLE t1 ADD PRIMARY SHOW CREATE TABLE revealed that the new InnoDB table was created with CHARSET=utf8.

As with the normal donations, you may choose what you want to pay for the bonus features yourself.NOTE: No features that has been free will ever be changed to bonus features. That will probably solve the issues you're having anyway.If the server crashes immediately after starting it, or doesn't start at all, it's probably the settings file that has been corrupted. It is developed by me in my own free time. weblink When the QR reader has read it, make sure you open the url with MMRemote.

This fix extends the validity check for all supported character sets. - Partitioning: ALGORITHM = INPLACE, which was disallowed in MySQL 5.6.10 for DDL statements operating on partitioned tables, can once Why can't I browse the playlists in my library?Permalink Back to top This may be a problem with your encoding. How do I update the server?Permalink Back to top The server can be updated either by clicking the 'Check for updates' button in the About section of the server, or by Which intents/actions/extras does it support?Permalink Back to top If you don't know what this means, you can just skip this question.