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Medication Administration Essay


Knowing drug information will also help a nurse avoid dispensing wrong drug such as antimalarials for treatment of flu or worm infection (Aspden, 2006). Bar coding has reduced medication errors by more than 50 percent, preventing approximately 20 adverse drug events per day (Poon, 2005). Expert writers in your subject area Get the grade or your money back Completely custom; no-plagiarism guaranteed Delivered on-time Close The Prevention Of Medication Errors Nursing Essay Published: 23, March 2015 Josie was originally admitted to the hospital with second and third degree burns over 60 percent of her body. navigate here

This relates to drug-drug interactions, herb-herb interaction or drug-food interaction. The center evaluates all drugs before they are sold. Depression represents a serious problem in our society today. This model advocates that when nurses communicate it is appropriate to use the first name of the person they are addressing in order to get their attention. check these guys out

Medication Administration Essay

This problem can be detrimental to the elderly as well as children. At the forefront of the drug industries rise is the United States. The severity of this problem led the Joint Commission to make reducing the risk of patient injuries from falls a national patient safety goal for hospitals in 2009 (AHRQ, 2006).

Moving forward, the paper generally addresses the presence of mental disease within the American youth.... [tags: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)] :: 10 Works Cited 3069 words(8.8 pages) Research Retrieved from Expanded Academic ASAP on April 6, 2007.Harrington, S., Lilley, L., and Snyder, J. (2007). FREE Reference Generators Tools to help you with the creation of academic references in a number of styles. Preventing Medication Errors In Nursing Many units I have been on have them crowded areas, hard to access and with many distractions.

FDA also reviews about 1,400 reports of medication errors per month. Medication Errors Research Papers Keywords : medication errors, adverse event, patient safety Medication Errors in Hospitals: Potential Risks and Prevention Strategies The story of Josie King is one that shook the hospital health care system Bailey, et al.). http://www.megaessays.com/viewpaper/55884.html G.

Professional Essay Writers Get your grade or your money backusing our Essay Writing Service! Medication Error Articles It is important to always have your reference material available such as, drug reference book, patho-physiology reference book etceteras; because medication administration goes beyond just following the doctor’s written order and There are precautions that have been put into place to help reduce or eliminate this problem. Medication giving include five basic rights: Right patient, Right medication, Right route, Right dose, and Right time.

Medication Errors Research Papers

If nothing is done in time, their depression could lead them eventually to suicide. get redirected here Traditionally, the nursing profession has operated based on a culture of fear and blame that focuses on individual culpability rather than looking at problems from a system-wide perspective. Medication Administration Essay Errors can result for a variety of reasons; however, the majority of errors occur during administration of the medications. Medication Errors By Nurses Essay Registered office: Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7PJ.

MEDSURG Nursing 14(3), pp 174-178. http://divxpl.net/medication-error/medication-error-what-to-do-after.html Nursing Economics 24(3), pp. 143-155. The United States accounts for nearly half of the world’s pharmaceutical market, and the benefits are evident. Retrieved from ProQuest on October 24, 2007.ii. Essays On Medications

The hospital and health care providers can have their reputation damaged, thousands of dollars are spent for the losses, there is time lost from work, not to mention the emotional stress Smart pumps can work exceptionally and prevent errors if alerts are paid attention to used appropriately. In addition nurses should also ensure proper lighting of drug preparation and administration rooms In conclusion, adverse drug events can be avoided and nurses can ensure tremendous decline in such incidences his comment is here The side effects that often occur in children taking these medications can include: fainting, blurred vision, vomiting, extreme weight gain, and even death ("Seroquel information,” n.d.).... [tags: Mental Health ]

Under the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid recipients are now limited to six emergency room (ER) visits per year and nine primary care visits per year before they are forced to pay Medication Errors Statistics There is also a lot of thought, time and particular procedures that are put into needle safety to ensure employees aren’t stuck on accident by a needle and sanitary procedure are The reasons this was wrote on glaucoma, was because I have always wondered why these few people that have glaucoma get to use a illegal drug(marijuana).

When the 5 rights go wrong: medication errors from the nursing perspective.

A study from an outpatient clinic showed medication-related injuries to be around the sum of $887 million dollars in external medicine costs. (Stencel C, 2006) Solutions to help with medication error While human error is very important to consider, it is equally important to analyze the context in which errors can occur such as the clinical environment and patient population. One of the great concerns with medication errors is order transcription. Comprehensive Writing Services Plagiarism-free Always on Time Marked to Standard Order Now Similarly, adequate and effective communication between nurses, other Medicare providers and patients also play a key role in reducing

Nursing must play a central role in reducing the number of adverse medication events. Now the question comes of how does drug safety relate to patient safety? Though there isn’t a test to determine whether or not a child has ADHD many psychiatrists are quick to incline that the child may have this behavioral disorder even though they http://divxpl.net/medication-error/causes-of-medication-error.html Latrogenic conditions- Conditions caused by the actions of physicians and surgeons.

As such, due to these alarming statistics, this paper focuses on some of the potential risks of medication errors, and some recommended interventions that can be implemented to help curb the Word Count: 599 Approx Pages: 2 Save Essay View my Saved Essays Saved Essays You Have Not Saved Any Essays. Other trade names for fluoxetine include Rapiflux, Sarafem and Selfemra. Verbal, written, and misinterpretation communication composed 19% of the errors, name confusion made up 13%, and packaging/design were 6%.

All that was known was that a person with the disease did not appear to be sick but on the inside they are mentally disturbed. According to a recent Journal of the American Medical Association, medication error causes more than 10,000 of injures and deaths every year. Pediatric patients in particular tend to be very sensitive to most medications hence the need to calculate most of their medication dosages by weight (King, 2003). But, children around the world are being diagnosed every day.

The paper also looks at the importance of employing such roles by the nurses to effectively reduce cases of adverse drug events. Medication reconciliation would take effect during the patient's admission process and involves the collection of a complete drug and allergy history comparing them with new medications that he physicians order.